Rear Door Bumper Replacement

Rear Door Bumper Replacement

Before I work on building out new features of the van, I want to make sure that it is a solid foundation and doesn’t need any maintenance or repairs.

I was able to find the replacement components in eBay, but they can also be found

Specifically, the part numbers 05104369AA (rubber bumper), 05103840AA (nut insert), 05104433AA (locking plate), 05104423AA (magnetic pad), and 05103719AA (M8x1 machine screw) if you don’t have one lying around the garage already.

Once taken out of the packages, a quick inventory can be observed. Of course the new rubber bumper, a slotted lock to hold the magnetic pad in place, the magnetic pad itself, a threaded insert, and finally I found an extra M8x1 machine screw to hold it all together.

Since my van was missing this bumper by time I took ownership of it, I don’t have to remove a old or damaged one, however the process would be just the installation process backwards.

That said, the first step is to insert the plastic nut insert. While you might be tempted to just pop it in as I’m showing below, that proved to be incorrect and didn’t allow the bumper to properly tighten against the van.

It took a little bit of fiddling, but with the help of the machine screw for leverage, I was able to properly install the plastic nut insert by pushing it entirely into the void behind the mount and using the machine screw to rotate the insert 90* and pull it outwards to set the clips in place.

The clips are really just to hold the insert in place while the screw is started. Which leads to the next step of attaching the rubber bumper to the van by threading the machine screw through the hole in the center…

…and tightening it to a reasonable torque.

When installed properly, the thick side of the wedge shape will be on the top side, as will the smaller side of the hold in the rubber.

The next, and near final, step is to gently insert the knob of the magnetic pad through the hole in the front of the bumper.

And finally, while holding the magnetic pad in place, simply slide the retaining plate into the slot in the top of the rubber bumper with the open side pointed downwards and the flat side pointed outwards.

As long as the retaining plate straddled the knob on the back of the magnetic plate, the installation is complete and can be tested.

And that’s it! It works wonderfully and returns the proper look to the side of the van.

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